How to redirect your Teachable sales page to another website

How to redirect your Teachable sales page to another website

When you host your courses on Teachable, each course has a built-in Teachable sales page, whether you want it or not, and it's possible for students to navigate to it from inside your school, or for people to find their way in via Google.

Sometimes, you may want to send people who land on that page elsewhere. You could do that by putting a link on that page that says "Click here to go to [this other page]!" but personally, I find that messy and a little unprofessional.

Teachable doesn't offer a native way to redirect this sales page to another website outside of your school. Fortunately, setting up a redirect is only one tiny line of code.

You might want to do this if:

  • You host your sales pages elsewhere (like Leadpages or on your own website) and don't want people stumbling onto your empty Teachable sales page

  • You've changed your course URL, but you've still got links floating around out there that point to the old URL


  1. Delete all the blocks on the Teachable sales page that you want to redirect. This is optional, but viewers may get a glimpse of this page for a second before the redirect takes place, so it's tidier if it's blank.

  2. Create a Liquid/HTML block on your Teachable sales page, and enter the code below. If you left any other blocks on your sales page, make sure this block is at the very top.

  3. Customize the code with your new URL.

  4. Update your New Enrollment emails.

The Code

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=https://NEWURL" />

Change "https://NEWURL" in the code above to the URL of your new sales page.

The number in the "content" value, which in this case is zero, is the delay before the redirect takes place in seconds. Here, I'm telling it to redirect immediately. If you wanted viewers to pause on his page (maybe to show a brief message) you could change this number.

Here's an example of a Teachable sales page that I've redirected (it'll bring you right back to this blog post):

Updating the New Enrollment confirmation email

As a fellow member of the Teachable Tribe Facebook group helpfully pointed out, the New Enrollment confirmation email that your students receive after enrolling in your course contains an "Access Course" button and link.

If they're not logged in, or if you've made your course sales page the homepage for your school, these links may send them to your Teachable sales page, which will then redirect them to your external sales page.

Pretty messy when they're just trying to log in and view the course, eh? So we need to do one more step.

How to redirect your Teachable sales page to another website

We'll solve this by editing the confirmation email so that it sends them to your school sign in page instead. Note that the option to edit these email templates is only available on paid Teachable plans. 

From your Teachable Dashboard, navigate to Emails > Template Editor and select the "New Enrollment" email under the "Students" section.

How to redirect your Teachable sales page to another website

In the code of this template, find this section:

<!-- Content -->
<p class="text-center"><a href="{{sale.course.url }}" class="btn-primary">Access course</a></p>

<p class="text-center">{{text.email_receipts.this_course_can_be_accessed_at }}<br><a href="{{school.url}}">{{school.url}}</a></p>

And change it to this:

<!-- Content --> <p class="text-center"><a href="{{school.url}}/sign_in" class="btn-primary">Access course</a></p> 

<p class="text-center">{{text.email_receipts.this_course_can_be_accessed_at }}<br><a href="{{school.url}}/sign_in">{{school.url}}/sign_in</a></p>

You'll notice that in the first section, we're nixing the {{sale.course.url }} in favor of {{school.url}}/sign_in. This will send them to your Teachable school sign in page, rather than the URL of a specific course. In the second section, we're just appending /sign_in to the school URL.

Now regardless of which link they click, they'll land on your sign in page where they can log into your school.

There you have it, no more confusing confirmation email redirects!

Did you use this tutorial in your Teachable school? Let me know in the comments!