Ecourse Design + Creation



You've got an idea for an amazing online course. You know it would sell like crazy.

But you've put it off for months–
or even years – because you have no idea where to start and no time to actually make it happen.



I take your raw brain matter and hammer it into a premium course that you can sell to your audience for a premium price.

I handle the nitty-gritty details so that all you have to do is promote your course and launch.

Working with Erin gave me so much peace of mind and made the entire process of launching my course less stressful. Having her strategic guidance and keen eye on everything made the end result that much better. She took everything I wanted to get done and raised it to a whole new level. Tag teaming my course with her was the best partnership I could have imagined. She's a magical mind reader!

Katie Lee | Hey Katie Lee

How it works


Creating online courses is not for the faint of heart.

There are a lot of details that go into creating a successful course – especially if you want to be able to charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for it.

I'm a course designer and tech geek. You bring your top-notch content and I'll handle the details. The result is a complete, ready-to-launch premium course.

There are three stages to this process.




Planning + Writing

  • We nail down your perfect topic and collab on a killer outline.

  • You write your course content, pouring in all of your valuable expertise and awesomeness.

  • I proofread, edit and polish your content to a fine luster, making sure that your message is clear and thorough, so your students get excellent results.


Creating All The Things

  • I hunker down and create a beautiful course workbook + worksheets from your written material, and slide decks + scripts to accompany each video module you plan to record.

  • You go off and record your course videos.

  • I clean them up so they're ready for primetime.


Finishing Touches
+ Launch

  • I craft allll of your content into an easy-to-follow, comprehensive curriculum within Teachable.

  • I design a gorgeous custom sales page and do allllll of the tech to make it work flawlessly.

  • We flip the switch to open the doors to your program and you sell the hell out of it.

What you'll get


A complete Teachable course

A cohesive curriculum complete with all of your video lessons with text transcriptions, supporting documents, downloads and anything else you want to include.

A gorgeous sales page

When you open the doors, we'll really roll out the red carpet for your future students with a completely custom, info-rich sales page.

Lovely branded slides

You'll use these to record all of your video modules, so that your talking points are easy to understand and your students can follow along.

A complete course workbook

A professional, branded course workbook that includes outlines of your modules, transcriptions of your video content, and worksheets with fillable fields so your students choose to print and write or fill out right in the PDF.

+ Branded extras

Wanna take it up a notch? You can choose to include:

- stand-alone worksheets
- coordinating social media graphics
- Google spreadsheets
- Audio-only lessons (so students can listen on-the-go)
- Bonus mini-courses or ebooks for early-birds
- Webinar support
- Have another idea for adding value to your course? Let's talk!


Ready to get started?

Complete course packages start at just $1,500.

Frequently Asked Questions


+ How do I know if this is the right way to build my course?

This definitely IS for you if:

  • You're already creating content around your course topic - you know it inside and out.
  • You have a loyal, established audience who loves what you do.
  • Your course idea is easily worth 3-figures or more (maybe much more!) and your audience is primed to pay that for your expert guidance.
  • You've DIY'd courses in the past (or tried to) and were overwhelmed by the process or underwhelmed with the results.

If your course is not ideal for my method or better handled a different way, I will absolutely tell you.

+ Who is this NOT for?

This probably is NOT for you if:

  • You're just getting started as a content creator.
  • Your audience is still small, new-to-you or not primed to spend money on your subject matter.
  • You're looking to produce a free course or something to sell for twenty-five or thirty dollars. Consider an email course or ebook instead and have a look at my VA services.

+ What course platform do you use?

Teachable, the best course hosting platform currently available.

Can you build my course but use this other platform instead? Nope, sorry. To quote the great philosopher Ron Swanson, "Never half-ass two things when you can whole-ass one thing."

I'm an expert with this specific system and I know how to use it to create a high quality course that you can charge a premium for. If I offered to build on any platform out there, I'd never be an expert in any of them and I'd be building crappy courses. Who wants that?

+ What do I need to use/have to work with you?

A Teachable account (I can create one for you), a GSuite or a Google account for sharing files, documents and slides, and Lastpass (optional but recommended) for sharing login data securely.

Keep in mind that these services may have costs that are not included in my price.

You'll also want a Mailchimp account (or another email marketer) so we can send your students to your email list.

+ Couldn't I just build my course myself? This seems expensive.

Let's cut to the chase. I won't lie to you. The truth is, you could do this yourself.

You could muddle through and probably produce a decent-enough course that you could sell. But it would take you at least twice as long as it takes me and it would not be a polished, professional, high-end course that you can charge premium dollars for.

I've learned how to do all of this sh*t (and do it right) so you don't have to.

My clients typically make back their investment with the first 2-4 enrollees, and everything after that – for as long as they run the course which very well may be for YEARS – is their profit.

+ How long can my course be?

This package is designed for a 4-week course with up to 5 video 'lessons' in each week. That's a comfortable length for most teachers and students.

However, you may want to create a course where students can work at their own pace, or a more intensive one or two week course. I can create a course that's as simple or as in-depth as you like. It's really up to you.

Let me know what you're thinking and we'll talk it out.

+ How long will it take to create my course?

This depends a lot on you – how quickly you write your material, review edits, respond to questions and record your course videos.

Once we get started, plan for the process to take about a month. I suggest getting on my schedule at least two months before you plan to launch, to allow plenty of breathing room.

+ What's NOT included in this service?

Three very important things will be your responsibility:

1. Writing the actual course content - My area of genius is taking other people's content and molding it into a high quality course. I'm not a copywriter. However, if you want someone to ghostwrite your course content, I'm happy to recommend a great copyrwriter.

2. Recording course videos - Your customers are paying you to learn from you, not from me, so recording videos are your responsibility. I'll set you up with slide decks for each video to highlight your talking points, and a script you can follow while you're recording. Don't panic! – your recording setup doesn't have to be complicated, and there's a lot of FREE and easy to use software available to help you do this!

3. Promoting your launch - You're in charge of promoting your course to your followers and your email list. When we get to Step 2 and I'm off creating all of the lovely accessories for your course, you should be working on your funnels, planning your social media and whatever other horn-tooting you want to do to make sure your course is a success and has paying students.

+ What if I already have a course that I just want to revamp or reformat?

I'm happy to restructure your existing products or an old course into a fresh, killer Teachable course. Get in touch, give me the details and I'll give you a quote.

+ I still have questions!

I've got answers!. Let's chat!