How to create a direct link to your blog in Feedly

How to create a direct link to your blog in Feedly

This one is going to be quick an easy, friends. I've talked before about the importance of RSS feeds. Lots of people still use them to follow along with their favorite blogs.

Even if your email list is your main focus (and it should be) that RSS feed is still valuable to hook certain readers that don't want you in their inbox and would rather hear from you on their own time.

When Google Reader shut down (RIP) the reader that quickly rose to the top as it's successor was Feedly.

It's easy enough to give people your RSS feed URL. But if you want, you can cut out the middle man and give them a link directly to your blog in Feedly, eliminating a few clicks that it would take them to subscribe.

Feedly has this convenient page to help you create a button to link to your blog directly in their reader.

Select a graphic, enter your feed URL in the box, and they'll create a code snippet to drop right into your website.

Do not include the http:// when entering your URL. Start with the www.

If you'd rather use a text link, though, you'll have to pull it out of the code yourself.

To do that, look at the code the generator gives you. Here's mine:

<a href=''  target='blank'><img id='feedlyFollow' src='' alt='follow us in feedly' width='131' height='56'></a>

You want to pull out the part that I've highlighted in bold between the apostrophes, so in my case, that's:

And here's what that link does when your readers click it.

If they're NOT a Feedly user (in which case, why are they clicking this thing?) they'll be prompted to sign up. If they ARE a Feedly user, they'll be sent directly to your feed where they can subscribe in one click.

Easy peasy, right? 

What's your preferred way for following the blogs you love?