You're tired of fumbling through Google and scouring how-to websites.

You just want someone to help you figure out you what to do.


Your audience growth has stalled and you don't know how to get it moving again.

You're wasting a ridiculous amount of time on tech and repetitive admin tasks.

You have a million ideas for courses or services but don't know which one to tackle first.

You know that your website isn't pulling its weight, but you don't know how to tweak it.

I created Power Hour sessions just for you. My brain matter is at your service.



What it is

My undivided attention for one 60-minute call (Google Hangouts, Skype, or phone) where you can ask me about building your website, choosing your tech, creating your ecourse, growing your audience, or anything else you want help with.

Seriously, I'll spill everything I know.

For example

Planning your launch.
Choosing your business systems.
Designing an efficient workflow.
Prioritizing your projects.
Creating a plan to grow your audience.
Brainstorming content ideas or freebies.
Evaluating your website or ecourse.

How it works

You'll spill your guts into my questionnaire and give me all the details. Then you'll pay and pick a spot in my calendar. At the appointed time, we meet to tag-team your biggest business hangups. After, I'll send you a Master Plan summarizing what we covered and what you're going to do next.


Ready to get started? Snag your Power Hour session.

Your Investment: $197