It was such a pleasure collaborating with Erin. She was able to take long, wordy PPT’s and not only learn about business for health and wellness entrepreneurs, but then craft it into an organized, easy to digest course. She is so knowledgeable and methodical, and she took what was an overwhelming project for me and it made it achievable. I’m so happy with the result, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Nicole Chetaud //


Erin is the best thing that's ever happened to my business. She's so smart and proactive about all the back-end systems that make everything run more smoothly and efficiently. I love her straightforward communication style and her sense of humor; she's a treat to work with and EXCELLENT at what she does!

Katherine North // Declare Dominion


Erin offered strategic insight and helped me redesign my Phonewise course on Teachable! She made Phonewise more accessible, better looking and more awesome. People who had seen the original couldn't believe how much better the course looks now. She's very talented, provides excellent value, and is a clear and honest communicator. You will love working with her!

Devorah Heitner // Raising Digital Natives


Erin provided website design services to my firm, and she was a complete pleasure to work with. She was timely and responsive, attended to every detail we discussed and delivered everything we aimed to accomplish and more. I highly recommend her, for businesses looking to launch or revamp the look and feel of their site!

Jackie Lucas // Vera Voce Communication

Erin just gets it! And then she gets it done. I don't have to micromanage the 'how' because she's already on top of it. She also has a keen eye for how to present things in the simplest, most effective way possible. So glad to have found The One!

Andrea Isabelle Lucas // Barre & Soul

Is it weird to say I’m addicted to working with Erin? Weird or not, it’s true. The things she catches, the changes she suggests, the tweaks she points out that I hadn’t even thought of? UGH SHE IS SO GOOD. She’s insanely professional, wildly organized, and just a really awesome human. Hire her now!

Sarah Von Bargen // Yes and Yes


Working with Erin gave me so much peace of mind and made the entire process of launching my course less stressful. Having her strategic guidance and keen eye on everything made the end result that much better. She took everything I wanted to get done and raised it to a whole new level. Tag teaming my course with her was the best partnership I could have imagined. She's a magical mind reader!

Katie Lee // Hey Katie Lee

Erin quickly became invaluable to me and my business. She is prompt, thorough, and a ton of fun to work with. She’s helped organize my business, identify opportunities and truly fill in the gaps where I tend to struggle. It’s such a relief having her on my team and knowing that when she’s working on a project, it’s going to get done quickly and efficiently.

Anthony Ongaro // Break The Twitch

I’m a self-proclaimed control freak so I was a little nervous hiring a designer, but working with Erin was like having my very own personal easy button. She moved my website from lametown to “OMG yes”. She’d anticipate my questions and answer them before I even had a chance to ask, and she went to bat and did more than I could have imagined!

Jacqueline Fisch // Unfussy writer and author


I got so lucky working on my ebook with Erin. I was new to digital products and I had heard horror stories. This was not the case with Erin. She met every deadline with ease, communicated fast and consistently, and over delivered on the design. I'll never go anywhere else!

Gary Cassera // The Dog's Side