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Quit screwing around with the tech!

Learn the exact systems and tech you need to build and launch your online course, including my go-to stuff for:


Hosting Landing + Sales Pages


Registering Domain Names


Email Marketing


Course Planning


Course Hosting + Payments


Creating PDFs + Graphics


Recording + Editing Video


Recording Gear


Plus an inside look at my personal course tech stack that I use for myself and my clients!

07 Katie Lee

Working with Erin gave me so much peace of mind and made the entire process of launching my course less stressful. Having her strategic guidance and keen eye on everything made the end result that much better. She took everything I wanted to get done and raised it to a whole new level. Tag teaming my course with her was the best partnership I could have imagined!

Katie Lee
Hey Katie Lee
09 Nicole Chetaud

It was such a pleasure collaborating with Erin. She was able to take my long, wordy presentations and help me craft them into an organized, easy to digest course. She is so knowledgeable and methodical, and she took what was an overwhelming project for me and it made it achievable. I’m so happy with the result, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Nicole Chetaud
MINDBODY-certified Business Consultant

Don’t let a trip down the Google rabbit hole slow you down — you have a course to build!

Inside this toolbox, you’ll find all of my favorite tech tools and top recommendations for building online courses. After years of helping my clients turn their skills into profitable courses on dozens and dozens of topics, I’ve tested just about every option out there.

So I know exactly what gets the job done with as little screwing around as possible. I’ll show you everything you need!

Course Tech Toolbox
The Course Tech Toolbox