I work with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them turn their knowledge and expertise into profitable online courses that get BIG results for their people.

Most of my clients have their subject-matter on lockdown, but they need help structuring it in a way that works as an online course, or they lack the technical know-how, time and persistent geekery necessary to build the systems that make an online course run efficiently and with style.


Who are you, exactly?

I’m Erin Gibson – that’s my name up there in the URL.

My clients have giant brains stuffed full of juicy information, and I help them squeeeeeeze that information out, so that we can design and create fabulous online courses together. Think of me as the juice-bar barista of knowledge (JBBoK).

I have two very opinionated cats named Squinterson and Larry, one very smelly pigdog named Ziggy, a husband named Adam, and several houseplants that threaten to die at least once a month.

I live in Lititz, Pennsylvania, once named America’s Coolest Small Town. And let me tell you, they will not let anyone forget it.

I don’t do woo. But my clients do woo.
And I’m as shocked as anyone but– THAT WORKS OUT STRANGELY WELL.

I’m a nuts and bolts – show me the data to back that up / let’s rig up an integration for that and make the robots do our bidding – kind of girl. You’re more likely to find me sloshing through pages of tech documentation than consulting crystals, reading horoscopes, pulling tarot cards, or manifesting things.

(Although if I knew the secret to manifesting a really good burrito, I’d be all over that.)

I have never called anything I do “heart-centered” and I have never stood in my power. Or maybe I have stood in my power, but I was too busy building sales pages to realize I was doing it.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things, but they’re not my jam. My brain likes tech and systems and rewatching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation even though I’ve seen them all at least 47 times.

But many, many of my clients are totally woo and – somewhat weirdly – that works out really well.

My clients are writers, life coaches, creators of very heart-centered businesses, and owners of multi-million dollar feminist fitness empires. Here are some of the delightful things they’ve said about me. Many of them operate in the self-help and self-improvement space.

They all have three things in common:

  1. They’re full of big, gorgeous ideas for how to serve their people.

  2. They have no idea how to actually build those ideas on the internet.

  3. They have zero time for bullshit. Because on the internet, ideas are money.

So that’s the sweet spot where we make beautiful music together. You bring the genius ideas, and I’ll bring my bag of tools to design them, build them, integrate them, and then you sell the hell out of them.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been working online in one form or another for over twenty everloving years.

<tangent> In 1996 I taught myself HTML on my parents’ Gateway 2000, and I discovered that having your own website was a thing you could actually do. So I started building websites for my friends' bands at $100 a pop. No, it wasn’t particularly lucrative, but that was when I knew that online business was going to be my full-time thing eventually. </tangent>

Other online business things I have done: Created an online distro to sell punk records and help bands promote their shows, worked as a professional photographer, launched a graphic design business, launched a web design business, blogged a lot (very unsuccessfully), and became a virtual assistant (very successfully).

Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I went to college and got a degree in web and graphic design.

But you probably want to know how long I have been doing THIS specific thing, yes?

I kicked open the doors to ErinGibson.co in 2016 and I’ve been working with online courses ever since. Check out what some of my lovely clients have had to say about me.

I just have a few questions about online courses. Can I pick your brain?

My brain matter is at your service, friend.

If your questions are of the “I want to hire you to help me with my online course and I would like to talk about that” variety, you can fill out my contact form here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

If your questions are of the “I want advice because I Googled until my fingers bled and I really just need someone to tell me what to do” variety, I created my Power Hour Sessions just for you. Check ‘em out.

Can I interview you for my podcast or blog?

Sure, I love doing interviews. Fair warning: I talk fast and I always have a lot to say, so hold onto your butts. I can talk to your audience about online courses, online business, running a minimalist business, finding and keeping clients, being a solopreneur, marketing yourself online, the tech behind online courses and online small business, or [you fill in the blank here if you have an idea you think I’d be into].

Just pop over to my contact form and shoot me the details.

Can I buy you a drink?

Vodka tonic, please and thank you. Buy me several and you might just get an impromptu online business strategy session complete with gratuitous profanity.

Wait, did you say Star Trek?

Oh, dude, you don’t even know. I own a uniform.