I’ve been called a Virtual Unicorn.

My skillset is pretty unique in the world of Virtual Assistants.


I'm a Virtual Assistant based in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

I work with creative entrepreneurs and small online businesses who have their content on lockdown, but lack the tech know-how, time and persistent geekery to build the systems that bring their content to their audience efficiently and with style. They've outgrown solopreneurship and they need help.

Here’s what that actually means:


I put out the fires and then fireproof the shit out of all the things. I build, fix, automate and streamline all the things. The things that mean happy customers, loyal fans and big money for my clients. 


My clients are creative badasses.

Bloggers, authors, filmmakers, coaches and creators, owners of multi-million dollar feminist fitness empires. You know, the usual. No big. Here's what they have to say about working with me.

The two things they all have in common are A) a surplus of amazing ideas, and B) zero time for bullshit.

Coincidentally, I specialize in bringing amazing ideas to life with zero bullshit. Win/win.


My meandering path to this career started way back in 1996.

That was when my family purchased our first real internet-enabled home computer, and I discovered that having your own website was a thing you could actually do.

I taught myself HTML and built websites for myself and my friends' bands. I didn’t charge much, but it was my first taste of internet business.

In the nearly two decades that followed, I: created an online distro for punk bands to sell their records and promote their shows, started a web design company, taught myself photography and started a fine art photo business, went to college and got a degree in graphic design, started another web design company, worked for a huge corporate printing company, started a lifestyle blog, turned it into a self-help blog, and launched a coaching business.

And now, here we are.

Looking back, all those endeavors had one thing in common: my favorite parts of each were the tech and systems that made them work. Building, tinkering, tweaking and getting them just right.

That was always my specialty. I just didn’t know it back then.

It was only natural that I’d eventually make those things my entire business.


Random trivia, because this is the internet, afterall.

1. When I'm not practicing sorcery for my clients, I'm kicking it with my dude, two cats and a stinky dog who may be half pig.

2. I indulge in tremendous amounts of nerdy science fiction shows and books. I own a Star Trek uniform. This is not a joke. 

3. I garden. I think gardening became my thing for the same reason I do this work – build a thing, watch it produce, tweak it to make it better, eat the results. But you know, vegetables instead of money.

4. Vodka Tonic. Because it's simple and delicious.

5. I'm a Mac. It's ok if you're a PC. I don't judge.

6. I'm proof that it's never too late to change gears and try a new thing. Sometimes it does take 20 years of banging around the place before you find your niche.


Want to know more about how we can work together?

I'm currently accepting virtual assisting clients, web design projects and ecourse projects. Get in touch!