5 steps to AMAZING testimonials for your sales page

What you're selling actually matters WAY LESS than whether or not people like you. It's counterintuitive because, in the rest of our lives, it's drummed into us that following the herd is for chumps, we should march by the beat of our own drummer, buck those trends! But when someone is thinking about hiring you or buying your courses and money is involved – especially if it's a LOT of money – they want to know what they're getting, sure, but mostly...

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Erin Gibson
How to price your services for profit

I've worked with oodles of bloggers, coaches, entrepreneurs and creatives on THEIR businesses and I get to see all the nitty gritty money details. Would you be surprised to know that many of them aren't actually sure whether or not they're really making a profit?

Pricing your services for profit is crucial to staying in business as a solopreneur. This is how you find that magic number.

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Business TipsErin Gibson
How to create unlimited testing accounts with the Gmail+ hack

If you're creating online courses, building an email list, giving away content upgrades or freebies on your website, you're a coach booking appointments online, you're a freelancer using some kind of a CRM to manage your clients, contracts and invoices... Whatever it is you're doing, you NEED to be testing those systems as a customer to make sure they work and they're easy for your clients to use.

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How to use Google Fonts on your Teachable sales page

In my last post, I explained how you could use custom fonts on your Teachable sales page if you had a font file, like a TTF or an OTF. This is absolute must have stuff if you're looking to keep your branding consistent.

But a few people asked if it was possible to do the same with Google Fonts. But of course it is! Here's how.

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Course TipsErin Gibson
How to use custom fonts on your Teachable sales page

Teachable is the best platform for Ecourse creation out there, but like anything, it has it's shortcomings. One being a very limited selection of fonts. If you wanted to match the fonts in your Teachable school to your other branding, in the past, you were out of luck.

But I've cracked the code, guys! Here's how to use custom fonts in Teachable.

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Course TipsErin Gibson
7 Gmail tricks to get your inbox squeaky clean

When you spend a hefty portion of your waking hours connected to the ole' intertubes, all that internet commotion has a way of creeping into your inbox until you're living an episode of Digital Hoarders.

The good news is that if you use Gmail (and you should) there are a lot of tricks and tools at your disposal for getting your inbox organized once and for all.

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How to get moving when you're stuck in a productivity slump

What's the hardest thing about working for yourself? There's no one to prioritize your work for you! And sometimes you have so much to do that you find yourself stress eating a block of cheese with your bare hands at 10am on a Tuesday and watching cat videos instead of, you know, working.

This is called decision paralysis, and it's a total productivity killer. Here's how to break through to the other side.

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2 ways to help readers subscribe to your blog

It's a common problem — you started a great blog but you don't know how to turn it into an actual customer base. You know, people who love you and want to hire you and give you money?

You only have one chance – their first visit – to make them a repeat reader. So it's to your advantage to make it super, duper easy for people to subscribe to your content.

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A Pinterest strategy for people who aren't that into Pinterest

Pinterest is popular for the same reason Martha Stewart is famous – we like to admire the work of talented people with seemingly endless free time for crafts and secretly hope that they get hit by a bus. Honestly, I'm just not that into it. But if you're an entrepreneur, you need to be on Pinterest. So what's a girl to do? This is my super simple strategy for managing Pinterest without hating your life.

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